Apartments Near U Street

Exterior view of restaurants located near U StreetSituated just northeast of Dupont Circle, U Street is a short — just one mile — but lively stretch of road, extending between Florida Ave NW and Vermont Ave NW. Historically a hub of African-American culture, it was a favored neighborhood for famed D.C. jazz musician Duke Ellington. Today it’s a diverse hub of cultures, albeit with African-American culture the strongest, as demonstrated by the local art. As you’re conducting your search for apartments near U Street, know that you’ll be setting up camp in one of the liveliest neighborhoods there is in our nation’s capital. Here, a few of our highlights from this famed street.

Getting Around

The yellow and green lines are your main sources of public transportation, found closer to the eastern end of the street. Head north and you’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of Columbia Heights, another lively ‘hood with lots of food options. Go south, and you’ll be whisked right into the National Mall, where museums abound.

Visit the African-American Civil War Memorial

As we mentioned, U Street was traditionally the hub of African American life in D.C. As such, it’s fitting that a giant bronze statue can be found that commemorates the 200,000 African-American soldiers that fought for the Union during the Civil War. It’s easy to find, sitting right next to the U Street metro station.

Grab a Bite

Lots of food spots line this short stretch of road, but none is as famous as Ben’s Chili Bowl. Arguably the most famous of eateries in the entire city, the 60-year-old restaurant serves up fresh homemade chili on the same counter and booths that have been there since it opened. Head to DC Noodles and you’ll find a contemporary setting that turns out traditional Thai dishes like miso ramen and drunken noodles. And at Tico DC, check out the funky murals lining the walls while waiting for your pork belly quesadilla or roasted cauliflower tacos. This place serves New American food but with a Spanish flare.

Enjoy a Libation

The Fainting Goat is a popular spot on U Street, and with good reason. The brick-walled gastropub serves up a well-curated menu of signature cocktails, along with an extensive beer list. For something a little trendier, head to The Brixton; you may encounter a line, but it typically goes by quickly. Once inside, you can choose between a low-key bar downstairs, a dance floor on the next level, or an open-air bar at the top. Colada Shop is a cute little cafe and an ideal spot to grab a piña colada or Cuba Libre to wash down an empanada or two.

Go Graffiti Hunting

The graffiti that dots many of the walls throughout this small neighborhood are pure works of art. These vibrantly painted murals can mostly be found in the alleyways and feature prominent historical African-American figures like President Obama; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Prince.

There you have it. So much to do along just a one-mile stretch of road. As you consider moving into apartments near U Street, just consider all that you’ll have to explore here and just a short trek away.

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