Apartments Near Dupont Circle

Just north of Washington, D.C.’s downtown, Dupont Circle is comprised of a bustling gridline of streets, interrupted by the starburst of lanes stretching out from the famed traffic circle that gives the area its name. As far as D.C. living goes, moving into apartments near Dupont Circle puts you right in the middle of the hustle and bustle; entertainment is always just steps outside your front door.

Whether you’re still new to the area or considering a move, we rounded up some pointers to give you an idea of just what there is to do in this not-so-sleepy D.C. neighborhood.

Getting Around

As far as the metro goes, residents here have access to one of the more expansive lines in D.C. The U-shaped red line stretches from two suburbs to the north, dipping down through Downtown and Stanton Park; plus, it connects to each other metro line after just a few stops from the Dupont Circle station (found just south of the namesake rotary) so getting all around D.C. without relying on a car is easy as can be.

Eat It All

There are no shortages of restaurants in the area, and you can easily find any type of cuisine style to suit your palate. Dive into a Mediterranean platter at Zorba’s Cafe for authentic Greek dishes, including keftethes (beef kebabs served over rice), and be sure to save room for a piece of sweet, flaky baklava. Satisfy your seafood hankering at Hank’s Oyster Bar, where oysters on the half shell are available at a bargain price during happy hour. And for some tasty, no-frills Italian food, swing by Bub and Pop’s, where either of the parms is guaranteed to satisfy.

Culture Galore

Dupont Circle may not be the epicenter of D.C. museums, but that doesn’t mean the area is devoid of cultural spaces. Phillips Collection, opened in 1921, is the oldest modern art museum in the country. There’s a small fee, but you’ll be treated to works by great artists like Matisse and Van Gogh. Hillyer Art Space is stockpiled with contemporary works from international artists; visit on First Fridays, when the curators make themselves available for questions. And a must-see for history fanatics is the Woodrow Wilson House; the Georgian Revival mansion was home to the former president during his final years, and is still adorned with personal effects.

Dupont Circle Fountain

Of course, what would a tour of the area be without a visit to one of the more famous traffic circles in the country? The fountain, which first opened in 1921, stands at about 16 feet in height and is just one of just 18 Civil War monuments that is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. The marble-and-concrete fountain has three figures — two women and a man, representing the sea, the stars, and the wind — surrounding a central pillar, atop of which is a large basin from which the water spills.

As you can see, entertainment abounds outside apartments near Dupont Circle, and these spots just scratch the surface. You just need to get out and explore to realize all there is to offer.

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